There are numerous activities seniors can take part in that can provide emotional and even physical benefits. A senior who requires some type of elder care may feel as though they’re losing control of their life, their abilities to do things, and that can lead to depression.

Getting exercise is important for people of all ages and most doctors highly recommend some type of exercise, even for seniors who are recovering from heart attacks, strokes, or other physical ailments. It’s important for any senior to check with his or her doctor before starting a new exercise regimen or getting involved in something physically exertive, like dancing. There are many different types of dancing that can be great for health and well-being and also fun.

Dance Away the Depression

Dancing not only helps a person get some exercise, it can also lead to a reduction in depression. It could be associated with social interaction with other seniors and it could also be directly related to the increased endorphins in the brain that are the direct result of physical exercise.

Concerns About Arthritis

Some seniors, especially those who are dealing with some type of arthritis or discomfort in their joints may avoid physical activities such as dancing. However, there are certain types of shoes and low impact dance programs that can help seniors of all ages enjoy getting physical activity while also loosening up their joints and helping them move around more easily the rest of the week. Even walking at a slightly brisker pace can have tremendous benefits for the senior, but why not take part in a dance routine instead and have some fun while they are at it?

Dancing is Good for the Heart

There are some studies that indicate exercise and even dancing can have tremendous benefits for people who have some type of heart disease or heart failure. Learning how to waltz, for example, can provide a great deal of cardiovascular exercise and it also has benefits for mental health because the senior would need to concentrate and learn new steps they might not have ever done before.

Dancing Away Dementia

By learning new things, it provides the brain a level of exercise it desperately needs. When learning new dance moves, an elderly individual could actually be helping to stave off dementia, including Alzheimer’s. One particular study indicated a 76 percent reduced risk of developing dementia for seniors who danced on a regular basis (Psychology Today). Getting moving, going dancing, and staying active can be incredibly beneficial for seniors of all ages. It’s a great elder care activity to keep in mind.

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