Music, of all types, influences our lives, one way or the other. For some, it is just a source of entertainment while for other music has a meaning and purpose. Studies have shown the benefits of relationship between music and elderly people.

Seniors involved with music have a happier outlook about life, lead a healthier and better social life, have enhanced self-esteem and moods, are emotionally strong and less anxious and tension free. They also possess improved levels of interest and self-expression and discover a positive personal identity. Also associatively with music has shown great improvement in elderly with dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Music Has Positive Effects on the Human Brain

There have been many studies about how music affects the human brain, from pre-birth to mature age. Instrumental music, especially, gives a calming and relaxing mood to the person who is listening to it. There are links between listening to music and lower rates of depression and anxiety. This can be especially beneficial to your elderly loved one who has medical needs that prevent him or her from being able to leave the house very often to go out and do something.

Music Increases Quality of Life and Enjoyment

Music can be a way to socialize and enjoy someone’s company without the need to do much conversation. It is also soothing and comforting. Let your senior parent listen to a wide variety of music until they find something they really connect with. They may not know how to use the modern electronics that most people use for music listening, so keep in mind that if they aren’t using music maybe it’s because they need help with the technology.

Music adds to life and increases the quality of life through enjoyment. Music can help to keep a person company when they don’t get as many visitors as they would like. Since loneliness is a common problem for seniors, especially those with medical challenges, you can try combining music with visits from grandchildren.

Mental Health Benefits Linked to Music Therapy

There have been so many positive benefits linked to music as therapy that it can’t be ignored as a very effective mode of healing for the mental health of the senior adult. These benefits can also be extended to increased physical health as your loved one experiences the lower stress levels that come with listening to relaxing music.

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