Healthy eating is vitally essential for people of all ages. Daily choices of food decides a person’s health as well as how they look and feel.

Eat well to feel well

There are countless health benefits for the person who plans their meals well and eats a good balance of a wide variety of foods. Studies have indicated that healthy food choices can reduce heart disease risks as well as lower rates of type 2 diabetes, stroke, anemia, bone loss as well as some types of cancer. If a person already has a chronic disease, good eating combined with physical activity keeps them in good health longer, and helps them to manage the disease. There are also benefits in lowering high blood pressure, lowering cholesterol and lessening the severity of diabetes when a person is eating well.

Energy levels increase with good eating habits

Good food makes good fuel for keeping up your body’s energy supply. Eating a healthy diet is good for caregivers and elderly loved ones alike. The number of calories a person needs daily depends on their gender, age and activity level. The food we eat affects our weight because extra calories that are not burned during activity are stored for extra fuel in the form of body fat.

Consuming the correct amount of calories for yourself will help you to avoid putting on weight. Extra weight increases the risk of heart disease, joint problems and type 2 diabetes.

Stay physically active to keep your body in good shape as well as maintaining a feeling of health and well-being. Nutrient dense foods that aren’t high in caloric content can keep you feeling good while not packing on extra pounds.

Stay hydrated

Water is the best hydrating fluid but there are a number of healthy juices you can drink as well. It’s recommended to keep water as your main source of hydration throughout the day. Fruit juices without added sugar can be used as a hydration supplement.

Change one thing at a time

When helping your elderly loved one move to a healthier eating plan, try changing only one thing at a time. Otherwise they might get frustrated and give up. The switch to healthy eating isn’t a one-time thing; you want it to be a permanent change, so it’s worth planning it out a little. Decide on some small steps that need to be taken and make a plan of how to implement them. For example, replace the salt shaker on the table with a no-salt seasoning blend of herbs and spices. Switch from white flour bread to multi-grain or whole grain bread.

A home care provider can assist your loved one in planning healthy meals for the week, assist with grocery shopping and meal preparations.

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