Elder-Care-in-Port-St.-Lucie-FLIf you’re dealing with even a little bit of stress, you probably already know that stress relief techniques could be helpful for you. The problem is that you may not feel that you can work them into your existing schedule. Try some of these ideas to see if they help.

1. Figure out Which Activities You Would Most Enjoy

Do some soul searching to figure out which stress relief techniques and activities are most likely to be ones that you’ll enjoy. You may already have an idea what kinds of activities you are going to find most beneficial. If you’re not sure, though, leave this a little more flexible so that you can try a variety of different activities.

2. Determine When You’re Able to Engage in the Activities You Want to Try

Look at your daily and weekly schedule and see when you have some time that you can devote to stress-relieving activities. Don’t worry yet about how feasible those times are. What you really need to do is narrow down a timeframe that might work for you. Try to list out at least three or four different time slots so that you can be more flexible.

3. Set up Alternate Arrangements for Your Loved One

If any or all of those time slots are during times when you’re normally caring for your elderly loved one, it’s time to look for some alternate arrangements. Can other family members step in during some of those times? If not, it might be time to consider hiring elder care providers for some of those time slots. Having alternate arrangements in place keeps you from backing out of the idea altogether.

4. Stick with Your Plans

You’ll probably try to find reasons that you can’t take the time to engage in these activities, even if you do successfully arrange for alternate care for your loved one. Don’t give in to the temptation to cancel your plans, however. The best way for you to get any benefit at all from engaging in these stress-relieving activities is to actually engage in them.

5. Evaluate How Well Your Plan Is Working

Give yourself a little bit of time and then be honest with yourself about how well these stress-relieving activities are working for you. If you’re still feeling stressed, something may need to be adjusted. This might be the frequency of the activity, the timing of the activity, or even the activity itself. Look for potential solutions other than stopping the activity completely.

As you continue to make stress relief a big part of your daily life, it’s much easier to stay committed to your plans.

Elder Care in Port St. Lucie FL

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